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About Me

Nicknamed Minnie for my petite frame and high pitched voice, the moniker stuck. Aside from my affinity for (soy!) cheese, I enjoy making a person, company or emerging brand's web presence authentic and aesthetically pleasing. Call me a web designer, call me a creative genius- just don't call me late for dinner.

A computer wiz from the day I signed into AOL on my parent's dial-up connection, the Internet and it's creative outlets always fascinated me. Specifically, what someone's first impression is like. We see hundreds, if not thousands of web pages and advertisements every day. But what stops you in your tracks and grabs your attention? What makes you cringe? Design sensibility coupled with engaging content trumps over ugly and slow loading pages. You might not realize you're judging, but you do. And why shouldn't you? In our visually stimulated world, looks might not mean everything but they mean a lot. 

I'm not someone who designed a site for myself and loved it so much I decided to start a business (à la Legally Blonde's Elle Woods decision to go to law school.. or every other self-made web designer). I spent years educating thousands of people on what Squarespace can do for them as a Commerce Specialist AT Squarespace.

As a graduate of NYU with a Bachelor's in Media, Culture and Communication I have an eye for eye-catching design and a hand for handsomely written copy. 

Leveraging expert product knowledge (I worked at Squarespace for nearly three years!) and creative tendencies I strive to give you the best website you could ever have.  Content means nothing if it isn't presented in the right way.

Can I get an Amen?
— Nicole aka Minnie