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1. Services

Web Design

Design. Content. SEO. Domains. Email Addresses. Logos.

I craft a Squarespace site to all your specifications. Whether you have no site, have an older one that needs updating or already have a site and just need help finishing it- I handle it all. It's a collaborative process and I encourage as much or as little participation from your end as you like. We are partners. If you have tons of ideas then I want to hear them! If you feel overwhelmed, leave it to me. I'll happily surprise you with the site of your dreams.

Content Creation

Copy that. 

Copy that grabs you goes hand in hand with great design. You can't have one and not the other. I'll get to the bottom of what you want to say to your customers with writing that makes them want to read on. But.. nobody wants to read a book when they're trying to shop your store, learn about your services or view your portfolio. That's why my penchant for words that WOW in as few letters as possible just works. "Why you?" is the question everyone will have a clear answer to.



Updating. Managing. Creating.

If you want the know-how to maintain your Squarespace site going forward so you can do it yourself, I provide the basic tools and instruction that make it easy peasy. Some highlights include custom videos for your site, live walk-throughs and personalized written guides you can reference again and again. Alternatively, if you just want to DIY with a little help from an expert, I can empower you to master the platform so you'll be able to design a site yourself in no time!

Brand New!
Product Photography


Be e-commerce ready.

Ever wonder how stores get those picture-perfect product shots on a white background that make their items shine? It's because they have them professionally photographed. I am pleased to offer in-house photography for all your e-commerce needs. Send me your products and I make them look like a million bucks.
View my portfolio for examples.



2. Let's Chat!


Every project begins with communication.

Consultations are required before services are provided. It is an hour session for $250 where we discuss what you have, what you're looking for and what I can do.

You don’t work for free and neither do I.
If you’re serious about investing in your online presence to put your best pixel forward, during your consult I offer professional advice, guidance and recommendations.

I follow-up with a quote. After we speak, if you want to move forward with my services to take your Squarespace site to the next level then great! If not, that’s okay too. I value each and every person I speak with- whether or not you end up working with me long-term.

Schedule Your Consultation

My time is just as valuable as your time. If you reschedule a consult more than once, my base rate goes up.
Unfortunately, there are inconsiderate people out there that waste my time. But that's not you right?


3. Reserve your spot. 

Pay your deposit. I get to work!

After our consult, a 50% deposit is required to begin work. I charge a flat rate per project, so the other half is due at the time of completion. I provide an estimate on how long the site or project will take to complete and an outline of what we agreed should be done.


Projects from $500

Full Sites from $4,000

Hourly Work (education, support, updates) from $100/hour

Turnaround time
 As little as two weeks!
You want to get your baby out into the inter-webs and so do I.


No $200 websites made in the basement here.
There are web designers.. and then there are web designers.
If you are going to nickel and dime me, I am not the seasoned professional for you. Did you see that I actually worked at Squarespace?


4. Approve the finished product.

You give the thumbs up, it goes live.

You are entitled to two rounds of edits while we work together, although I always keep you in the loop as your site or project progresses. If you wish to purchase additional sessions to educate yourself on how to maintain your new site now's the time! I also offer maintenance packages that include monthly edits, newsletters and more. 

5. Wasn't that easy?

Your web presence has never looked better. 

Brag to your friends about your new site, hand out new business cards, tell the world to Google you- whatever it is you want to do, spread the word!

Are you so happy you want to shout it from the mountain top?

I offer a rewarding referral program.

Want an even more detailed outline of my process?