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Set Your Sites Higher

RazzleDazzle Ready

Upgrade your location-independent service or e-commerce business to celebrity status. Branding + Web Design by a Squarespace Specialist.


Upgrade Your Business To Celebrity Status

Once you are Unfrazzled™, you are ready to Sparkle


In just two weeks, you will have a brand that makes you smile, a website that makes customers jump and business cards you want to wallpaper the ceiling with.



You Are A Solopreneur Ready To Get The Ball Rolling

You like balls because they are round.. just like the zeros in your bank account dreams.


You might want to gain freedom by traveling the world as you run your business. Or maybe you just want to sit in your Hello Kitty pajamas all day and eat those extra delicious crackers with the matching dip while laughing at the suckers sitting in rush hour traffic. No matter what you’re looking to do with your freedom, you know office life isn’t and will never be for you. Flexibility is priceless.. but you can’t revel in the perks of entrepreneurship until you have a unique online business and customers knocking on your virtual door.

If it was as easy as setting up a website, everyone would be doing it.

You could spend a day throwing a semi-okay-ish website together and say you’re “online”. You could even pay a “coach” to tell you what to do.. and then not help you do it.

But that wouldn’t be doing your business justice. You don’t want to pioneer another meaningless travel blog either. Ugh. You just want to run your business, do what you love and have the freedom to do everything else you love on the side.

You need me to thoughtfully craft your brand, website, and copy. Intuitive flair and all.

Forget describing your website goals as "modern, sleek, easy to navigate"... that's the boring stuff that is included by default. I'm here to shine a light on your service in an unconventional and true-to-you way that allows you to own your niche and convert customers into fans who want your autograph.
Give them something to talk about.
Color-phobes need not apply!

(everything but the kitchen sink)


  • Questionnaire
  • One Hour Focused Session
  • Custom Style Board
  • Wireframe
  • Rough Mockup
  • Approval Session



  • Up to 10 Pages (ie Home, About, Services, Shop, Contact..)
  • Logo (optional)
  • Original Design
  • Original Copywriting
  • Product Descriptions
  • Social Media Integration
  • MailChimp Integration

Technical Stuff

  • Built On Squarespace
  • SSL Secure
  • Mobile Optimized + Responsive Design
  • SEO Setup
  • Payment Setup Via Stripe & PayPal
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Professional Email (like jane@janedoe.com)
  • Custom Business Card Design (three options, you pick one)


  • Two Rounds Of Minor Revisions
  • One Hour Squarespace Coaching/Hand-Off Session
  • Custom Video Tutorials
  • One Week Unlimited Post-Launch Email Support
  • One Year Listing On Digital Nomad Business Directory
  • Not Included:
    • Cost Of Website Subscription
    • 3rd Party Subscriptions (optional)