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Commerce Specialist, at Squarespace

I know Squarespace inside and out, because I actually worked there for nearly three years!

You won’t find anyone as experienced or knowledgable as me on the platform.


Web designing full-time allows me to channel my creativity 24/7 and focus on bringing your brand to life. I have vision and passion for cultivating your most impressive online identity. 

As a Commerce Specialist in Squarespace's award winning Customer Operations department, I worked exclusively with the Commerce Platform and therefore am highly specialized in building a store from the ground up. I’ve seen and helped build literally thousands of websites. From adding products to branding to optimizing the shopping experience, I know it all and am happy to share the know-how with you. 

Have you ever wondered "What Squarespace template has *insert feature here*? Can Squarespace do XYZ?" Other web designers tend to take on projects promising their client all the functionality they're looking for only to find out Squarespace doesn't offer that specifically. If you are interested in building your site on Squarespace but aren't sure it has the features you're looking for, I can confirm and clarify for you. This means less stress for you and attainable expectations. Common questions include:

Does Squarespace have customer logins? Member accounts?

Can I sell multiple versions of a product?

Is Stripe the only payment processor I can use?

Can I use Paypal on Squarespace?

How do I organize my blog posts/products?

I found a site that is on Squarespace and I love it! How do I achieve their look?

My goal? For you to achieve your goal, whatever that is. Displaying a portfolio, enhancing your SEO with a visually stimulating page for your business, or selling up a storm.

You already look fabulous in person. It's my job to make you look just as great online.

Your goal is my next project!