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Squarespace Web Designer

Squarespace Commerce Specialist. Currently unfrazzling solopreneur's and digital nomad's businesses.


Commerce Specialist, at Squarespace

I know Squarespace inside and out, because I worked there for nearly three years!

Are you really going to trust some self-made web designer who is only building Squarespace websites so they can travel the world? I hope not.

You won’t find anyone as experienced or knowledgable as me on the platform. Period.


As a Commerce Specialist in Squarespace's award winning Customer Operations department, I worked exclusively with the Commerce Platform from 2013 to 2016 and therefore am highly specialized in building an online business from the ground up. I’ve seen and helped build literally thousands of websites for people just like you. I taught workshops in NYC and met one on one with small business owners.

You don't want to learn how to code. And you shouldn't.

From branding to selling products to optimizing the shopping experience, I know it all and am happy to share the know-how with you so you can achieve the freedom you crave.

You already look fabulous in person. It's my job to give you a business that looks just as great online.

Your goal is my next project.