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Set Your Sites Higher


Unfrazzled™ is the first step towards a more brilliant brand for location-independent solopreneurs and digital nomads. Get business and website clarity from a Squarespace Specialist.


The First Step Towards A More Brilliant Brand


You are a location independent solopreneur that wants to build a business on Squarespace and stand out in your industry. Instead, you feel all over the place.

Dare I say.. FRAZZLED?


This magic-making one hour intensive is for you. 
Whether you have a business already or are just starting one up, you can't be successful without a strong brand and gossip-worthy website.


what you can look forward to

I will analyze your brand, website and business to construct a clear picture of
where you are now, where you can go and how to get there.

After your Unfrazzled™ session, you will have:

  • Clarity on what you are and are not selling based on your goals
  • Concrete strategy to better sell your service on Squarespace without all the salesy stuff (pop-ups! freebies! share buttons! yuck!) and how to delightfully customize the shopping experience to surprise your customers
  • The know-how to use Squarespace to your advantage and own your niche to avoid looking like every other website built on the platform
  • Why the template you agonize over choosing doesn't really matter (and the thing you should focus on instead)
  • A fully formed beginning of a brand new image, message and experience that pops
  • A crystal clear understanding of SEO (aka how to show up in Google) that will change the way you work
  • Access to the Dazzling Business Lounge- a goldmine of resources, pro-tips, discounts, and more

How It Works:

1. Fill out questionnaire & pay

2. Schedule session

3. We chat: the wheels start turning...

4. Receive notes & lounge access

5. Put your payment towards RazzleDazzle Ready™ (optional)


Who is Unfrazzled good for?
New or existing solopreneurs looking to make a splash in their industry. You're an expert in your field and in your heart of hearts know what you're offering is special because of a) what you sell or b) how you sell it. You roll your eyes when someone whips out a checkbook at the store and consider yourself a trendsetter.

When is a good time to buy Unfrazzled?
1) When you have a business idea that needs refining before you cut the chain to your office desk.
2)  When your existing business loses it's sparkle and oomph. You might be embarrassed by your website, still using a mybusiness@gmail.com email address (shame!) or feel lost in a sea of sameness.
3) When you're ready to make the leap from freelancer to business owner and take charge of your time, process, and prices.


Unfrazzle Me

The Minnie and the Mouse Difference

I'm not selling you "how to be an entrepreneur and travel the world." That course is currently being held at a sketchy website down the street. You need to have the inherent drive and DNA. I provide a strategy and tools for selling what you offer, but you already need a top-notch skill to sell. If you're sitting around asking yourself "How can I be an entrepreneur?"... then I hate to say it but you're just a wantrepreneur. Don't quit the day job.

After you are Unfrazzled™, the final step is